Menuet OS written entirely in assembly code


In an amazing display of skill and perseverance the MeneutOS team has released version 1.0 of it’s OS that’s written entirely in assembly code. It’s primary purpose is to run as clean and lean as possible boasting a memory footprint that fits on a floppy disk! Meneut supports pre-emptive multitasking, multiple processors, a range of networking, audio, and USB based devices, including assorted mice, and keyboards, digital tuners, webcams, and printers. After almost a decade and a half of development:
“Now Meneut is stable on all the hardware we’ve tested it ” ~Meneut team

64 bit version is free for personal and educational use. Meneut is suitable for tasks including precise timing and machine control. Applications include mediaplayer, web browser, FTP client and server, chess, tetris, email, and IRC chat client. An editor and FASM assembler is included for development of applications and drivers. Get it here.
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