Crypt of the Necrodancer

cryptofthenecrodancer.PNGSo this is a game that I am totally nuts about. It’s an arcade style dungeon crawler game with a twist. the twist is you have to move your character along with the beat in order gain more coin or better defense, and the enemies all dance and attack along with the beat as well. So you have to dance around their patterns to defeat them. It has good music, artwork, and is very challenging. Combines all the best elements of dungeon games too like digging through walls, secret rooms, teleports, bombs, spells, enchantments, and BOSSES. The bosses are quite hard, and there are crazy dungeons [like the one in this picture] that you can teleport into to get great items, but they might have a few bosses to fight, too! These little guys took me out easily, and they are just mini bosses. The big bosses are impossible. Excellent replay value on this one. Feels like popping quarters into a machine like the 80’s. Available on steam.


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