Opera 35.0 Web browser can mute tabs


That headline alone is enough motivation for me to try it- How about you? How often do we all struggle with the ‘figure out which tab is being noisy’ game? Mute individual tabs or mute all inactive tabs. Amazingly simple, yet too challenging for other browsers to deploy! Other welcome improvements deal with usability and stability improvements for Windows 10. Opera is a well-known browser. However, Opera pales in comparison to the browser kingpins: Firefox, & Chrome. Perhaps this new release can breathe new life into the forgotten franchise. Currently in pre-release and under heavy development. Look for a stable build soon.


Oskar Shuster- instrumental piano artist

image credit: oskarschuster.com

Every wonder what it sounds like when a toy piano and 100 tons of imagination collides with your wildest story-book movie fantasy soundtrack? Instrumental music that provides inspiring backdrops of melody that can soothe a restless mind. It may give you chills, or restore lost memories of fairy tales long ago, or maybe it will put you to sleep. Win-win-win. Find out more. Don’t miss the brand new video, either.

Microsoft Redefines it’s activation rules

windows-10-activated-100592547-large.idgeWindows 10 activation has just changed in a major way. Clean installs are going to be much easier from now on.
The big change is that Windows 10 activation status for a device is stored online. After you successfully activate Windows 10 for the first time that device will automatically activate in the future without re-entering the product key. That’s a huge change from previous versions of windows and will save you the headache of backing up your license. In the latest Windows 10 build you can also newly activate a machine with windows 10 if it previously had a legitimate windows 7 or 8 key installed. That means there’s no need to clean-install 7 or 8 first and upgrade to 10 after. Instead, you can just backup the personal files, run the 10 installer and re-enter the original windows 7 key to activate post-install. Something seems fishy here: Microsoft is not only giving Windows 10 away for free, but now they’re making it easier to activate?

Crash Clinic Diagnostic – Linux Distro

Live Linux Boot ISO Computer Diagnostic, recovery tools, network tools, and programming disc

VERSION 3.1 RELEASED 11/30/2015

A live linux disc that combines: Computer hardware testing tools, and the power of kali linux for network penetration testing, programming, and data recovery. Built on Ubuntu for great versatility and software availability, and with the speed of the lightweight XFCE windows manager. Its full featured 3.5GB iso includes many common packages like firefox, chrome, libreoffice, and vlc just to name a few. It’s entirely designed with the computer technician in mind giving easy access to hardware and network tools.

With version 3 our whole concept has expanded to include network tools, and programming tools, as well as office, graphics, and games.

Very responsive and full featured OS [Ubuntu 14.04 with XFCE] Everything you need to write your own exploits, deploy them, test your network, test your computer, write code for webdesign, remote in to a client PCs, and a whole lot more!

Get it here: