Installing Photoshop CS6 inside Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


For years it has been very difficult to install Photoshop inside Linux without the use of a full-fledged virtual machine installation of windows. FINALLY there is a solution so now we can all finally ditch windows, for good. [… and there was much rejoicing]
Windows has its place for enterprise support, document creation, gaming and basic tasks, but for a software or web developers environment Linux can have many advantages.
Thanks to Ben D’Angelo‘s Tutorial and the PlayOnLinux software I’ve managed to install the full version of Photoshop CS6 on my Ubuntu 14.04 system with a pretty good deal of reliability. Read Ben’s Tutorial by clicking here. It’s worth noting that the PlayOnLinux software works well for many other windows applications like office, and games, but it may require quite a bit of tweaking to achieve desirable results, but it is a viable option for installing those windows applications that you just can’t live without. Is there anything that Linux can’t do, now?


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