How to Add an AI bot to your website


Imagine if you could create a bot that would answer your emails, take your calls, and even talk to people in real-time chat. IBM’s Watson API has provided the ability to do just that. Take a look at this article where Fossbyte’s breaks down how to make an AI bot with only 50 lines of code. It uses IBM’s watson API to answer back to the chat. Take a closer look HERE. OR Review an even closer guide to the process HERE.


Android Radio App

I just got an email back from Felix Turner @ Airtight Interactive, and I am pretty excited about it. He made this AMAZING loop waveform visualizer for music, and he gave me the OK to use it in an Android radio app for commercial use. Now… I just have to find enough free time off to build it!

Scientists hack human DNA

For the first time in human history Scientists have created a ‘circuit’ inside DNA. The process to making a DNA circuit is directly similar to creating a typical electronic circuit. They are slowly unlocking the potential of this bacterial programming language. What are the implications here? Is this the beginning of a new age in medical science? Will this be the beginning of a cyborg culture? Is this how the machines will finally take over?
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What’s the difference between anti-virus and anti-malware

Malwarebytes is a great anti-malware software that I’ve grown to love, but I also use anti-virus and have several favorites for that. It’s confusing nowadays with all of the terms for bad software now: adware, malware, rootkit, virus, worm, trojan. It’s hard to know what’s what. Malwarebytes is always here to help us with that, and here’s their take on the difference between anti-virus and anti-malware.