No keyboard required: Elon’s Neural Lace Concept could mean direct neural input/output

If we didn’t need input devices to connect to the internet our lives would be dramatically different.

Would that make us cyborgs? Would we have to worry about getting hacked? Could we just download knowledge instead of learning? Would schools become obsolete?matrix07

Imagine your computer screen display directly outputs to your optic nerves. In your peripheral vision you’d have your buddy lists, email, GPS navigation, google results. Imagine your computer audio outputs output directly to your auditory nerves- no more headphones. Imagine tasting sweets without getting fat. Imagine sampling fragrances from a website. Imagine not needing to use thumbs or fingers to type what you’re thinking. No more keyboards, mouses, touch-screens, or screens – at all! Imagine a fully-immersive digital layer that connects symbiotically directly to your neural network through the blood stream. – Like a device that connects to your body, and sends electronic signals through your blood back and forth to your brain at the speed of light.

Elon Musk thinks that the best defense against a hostile AI is to prepare ourselves with our own built in advanced computing powers and abilities. “Not all AI futures are benign.” “I’m especially concerned that AI could take a direction that would not be good for the future.”
Musk launched OpenAI to prevent such a future, but we can’t be sure that this will be enough to prevent a full scale AI take-over. Musk suggests that we must stay ahead of artificial intelligence or “be like a pet or like the house cat” for the AI singularity.

“You have the limbic system, the cortex and a digital layer above the cortex that could work well and symbiotically with you,”

“If somebody doesn’t do it than I think I should do it,”


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