3 Magic Words – Password Generator


I decided recently to try my hand at creating an effective password creation strategy. I had heard about the XKCD method where you use 4 words, but I wanted to improve upon it. I started by compiling several wordlists of easy-to-visualize objects and created a 3-word method that adds both a capital letter, and a symbol. Because a capital letter and a symbol are commonly required for secure passwords- I felt it important to include these. I tested my new password method with a jQuery plugin called hsimp.js [how secure is my password] and found that my method was very secure! In comparison to XKCD is was often much more secure than simply putting four words together. The idea of using just 3 words and a symbol is similar to remembering a tiny sentence, and seems to be much more memorable. I added a few features for adding additional numbers, symbols, and words, and a ‘copy to clipboard‘ button to create a fully functional application. I incorporated the hsimp.js plugin so that users of the application can check the security of their newly created passwords on-the-fly. Open source code for my password-generator application is available on Github, and branch requests are welcome.

Try the 3-Magic Words Password Generator


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