Hello, my name is Mike Riccardi. I’m an experienced software developer and IT professional. I started coding in 1987 at age 6 on my parents Apple II. I was upgrading and overclocking 486dx computers to play doom and quake in the 90’s, and I was probably the first kid in my town to dial in to an internet service or BBS system. I was 13 when I created my first websites, and in the early 2000s I was a podcasting pioneer. I’ve used and loved hundreds of Linux distributions and even created my own. I’m familiar with thousands of software applications. I owned and operated successful computer repair business from 2010 til 2016. I also freelanced as a systems administrator, and as a software developer. Computers are my life.

This year I created 35 ETL software integrations for S&S Worldwide using JavaScript (Primarily). Prior to that I spent 2 years building web applications on LAMP stacks.

If you’d like to contact me, please direct your inquiry to my inbox.