Hello, my name is Mike Riccardi.
I own an I.T. support company in Norwich Connecticut called Crash Clinic Computers. I freelance interactive design, and web development services as well as IT consulting and data recovery services.

My skills include: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop, WordPress, Bootstrap, Windows, Apple, and Linux Software, Computer hardware troubleshooting, networking & wireless, file servers, RAID array, technical support, & data recovery.

Computers are my life. 

I’ve been eating, sleeping, and coding since 1980-something.
I was upgrading 486dx computers to play doom and quake in the 90’s, and I was probably the first kid on my block to dial in to an internet service or BBS system. I went on to start a successful computer repair business, and I am presently a freelancing web developer at large- hungrily seeking interesting web projects.

Recently I’ve enjoyed some great university classes:

HTML, CSS, Javascript for Web Developers – John Hopkins University.
Responsive web design – University of London. Photo Composition and Image Post-Production – Michigan State University. Fundamentals of Graphic Design- California Institute of the Arts. Advanced styling with responsive design – University of Michigan.

If you’d like to contact me, please direct your inquiry to my inbox.